The most delicious High Tea at home? You do it like this

A high tea at home is a delicious and unforgettable experience. Invite friends, aunts, colleagues or your neighbors and be a hostess like Queen Elizabeth would be! Pilkington’s likes to give you 10 tips for hosting the best high tea at home:

1.Create your personalized High Tea menu:

A true High Tea includes both savory and sweet dishes. Typical high tea treats include scones, quiches, sandwiches with various toppings, petit fours, cupcakes and cookies. Surprise your guests with different flavors!

2. Scones, serve warm:

Freshly baked scones MUST be part of your high tea. Serve them with clotted cream (if that is hard to get use whipped cream) and jam or marmalade. Consider plain scones as well as scones with raisins or chocolate.

3. Sandwiches of all kinds

Make various sandwiches and top them with cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, chicken curry salad and egg salad, for example.

4. Make Warm Quiches:

Make (or buy) mini quiches with fillings such as spinach and feta, mushrooms and ham or chicken curry. Don’t make them too big; your guests will probably want to leave enough room to taste everything!

5. Sweet treats:

Create a selection of sweet treats, such as, petit fours, brownies, and small cakes. Psssssssst: do you think this is a lot of work? Just order them from Pilkington’s, no one will blame you!

6. Let your guests choose from a variety of teas:

Provide choice in tea: black, green, white, herbal or fruit tea. Put milk, lemon, honey and sugar on the table to customize the tea to taste.

8. Turn your dining table into a true work of art:

Use your finest (classic) dinnerware, such as teacups and saucers, flowered plates and ornate cutlery. Sprinkle (edible) flowers over the table. Dress the table with a colorful tablecloth, flowers, candles and anything else you personally like.

9. Perfect Timing and Theme:

Plan the high tea in the afternoon. Set a clear start and end time to ensure everything goes smoothly. Have a kettle of hot water on your stove so you can refill tea. Be the best lady of the house! Spoil your guests! Theme in your head? Add it to your high tea! Match your decorations and dishes to this theme.

10. Guest list and people with diets:

Compile a list of guests and ask about any dietary requirements or allergies to take into account in menu selection.

Will you surprise your guests in this way? Be sure you will be one hundred percent successful! Have questions? Or can we help you further? Please feel free to email us. Want to order pies, savory or sweet items? Check out our website and order your high tea items from Pilkington’s for your high tea at home.

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